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October 13, 2021

Department of Roads Wrapping Up 2021 Construction Season

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – After a busy spring and summer construction schedule, there is still work to be done as the Macomb County Department of Roads (MCDR) works to complete more than $60 million in reconstruction, rehabilitation and improvements throughout the county.

“From local roads to major corridors, the Department of Roads is wrapping up an aggressive construction and maintenance schedule that included significant work across the region,” said MCDR Director Bryan Santo. “Despite challenges due to the pandemic and Mother Nature, it has been a productive year of work as we near the finish line with many of our projects. We are committed to improving Macomb County's road and bridge system while delivering the greatest value to residents, drivers and our community.”

The 2021 construction schedule included 11 primary and local road projects, eight bridges and large culverts, in addition to more than 35 asphalt resurfacing and concrete pavement repair projects as part of MCDR’s county-wide pavement preservation program. Through MCDR’s subdivision reconstruction program, which provides funding assistance to townships for residential and subdivision roads, the Department of Roads completed three projects, which included Bellford Street and Crawford Street in Shelby Township, Lipke Street in Clinton Township and Belvidere Street in Harrison Township. In 2021, MCDR completed the following work:

  • Reconstructed 6 lane miles of primary and local roads
  • Resurfaced and rehabilitated more than 70 lane miles of primary and local roads
  • Crack sealed more than 30 lane miles of primary and local roads
  • Replaced one bridge
  • Rehabilitated six bridges
  • Traffic technology and communication network modernizations
  • Replaced critical road drainage infrastructure

MCDR broke ground on the multi-year $217 million Innovate Mound project this summer with work phased over four construction seasons. This year, work on Mound Road included temporary widening of the median in both directions to allow for two lanes of traffic for spring 2022 construction, tree removal within the median as part of temporary widening work, municipal water and sewer utility work, and widening of the bridges over Plumbrook Creek. When completed, the project will reconstruct approximately nine miles of the Mound Road corridor. The innovations include enhanced connectivity by incorporating state-of-the-art design and smart technology to create a modern corridor.

Innovate Mound will include new pavement, drainage, curbs and driveways, traffic signal optimization, roadway widening, connected vehicle and fiber optic communications technology, enhanced non–motorized facilities, and energy-efficient lighting to create a corridor that will continue to serve the community for decades to come.

Other notable road, bridge and traffic projects that are in progress or anticipated to be completed this fall include:


23 Mile Road in Macomb Township

Location: North Avenue to Card Road

Type of Work: Reconstruct and Widen Road from Two to Five Lanes

Estimated Cost: $6,936,200


Schoenherr Road in Sterling Heights

Location: Plumbrook Drain to Clinton River Road

Type of Work: Mill, Base Repair, Asphalt Overlay with Four Bridge Rehabilitation Locations

Estimated Cost: $4,896,782


Hayes Road in Warren

Location: 10 Mile Road to 11 Mile Road Service Drive (I‐696)

Type of Work: Partial Reconstruction, Mill, Base Repair, and Asphalt Overlay

Estimated Cost: $3,186,153


Cass Avenue Bridge in Clinton Township

Location: Over the Clinton River

Type of Work: Bridge Rehabilitation with Pedestrian Walkway

Estimated Cost: $3,396,098


Garfield Road in Clinton Township

Location: 17 Mile Road to 19 Mile Road

Type of Work: Mill, Base Repair, Asphalt Overlay

Estimated Cost: $2,815,746


Harper Avenue Bridge in Clinton Township

Location: Over Clinton River Spillway

Type of Work: Bridge Rehabilitation

Estimated Cost: $2,447,678


Connected Vehicle Roadside Units

Location: 179 Traffic Signal Locations

Type of Work: Install Connected Vehicle Traffic Signal Radios

Estimated Cost: $2,366,392


Fiber Optic Cable

Location: 20 Miles and 9 Locations

Type of Work: Fiber Optic Cable for ITS and Traffic Signal Systems

Estimated Cost: $1,884,227


25 Mile Road and Romeo Plank Road in Macomb Township

Location: West Intersection

Type of Work: Roundabout Intersection Reconstruction

Estimated Cost: $1,631,665


Safety Upgrades and Traffic Signals

Location: 29 Traffic Signal Locations

Type of Work: Diagonal to Box Span with Reflective Backplates

Estimated Cost: $1,398,007


22 Mile Road Bridge in Macomb Township

Location: Over the Salt Slang Gloede Drain

Type of Work: Bridge Replacement

Estimated Cost: $1,020,697


26 Mile Road and County Line Road in Chesterfield Township and Lenox Township

Location: Intersection

Type of Work: Signal Upgrades, Adding Right Turn Lanes and Asphalt Overlay

Estimated Cost: $586,275


ITS Network Modernization

Location: Countywide

Type of Work: Network Architecture Design and Deployment

Estimated Cost: $335,242


*All project costs are as-bid.


Work also featured preventative maintenance, concrete repairs and resurfacing projects as part of the Department of Roads pavement preservation program, which included the following roadways:

  • 10 Mile Road – Schoenherr Road to Hoover Road
  • 10 Mile Road – I-94 to Little Mack Avenue
  • 12 Mile Road – Bunert Road to Railroad
  • 16 Mile Road – East of Crocker Boulevard at Crossovers
  • 22 Mile Road – West of Card Road
  • 23 Mile Road – Railroad to Gratiot Avenue
  • 24 Mile Road – At Chesterfield Road
  • 24 Mile Road – Deceleration Lanes at Sams Lane
  • 24 Mile Road – Romeo Plank Road to Van Dyke Avenue
  • 26 Mile Road – East of Schoenherr Road to West of Schoenherr Road
  • 26 Mile Road – I-94 to Frost Road
  • 26 Mile Road – Property to Ramp East of I-94
  • 29 Mile Road – North Avenue to Hartway Road
  • 32 Mile Road – Denby Street to Van Dyke Avenue
  • 32 Mile Road – Silver Fox Lane to 3,800 Feet East
  • Armada Center Road – Omo Road to Armada High School
  • Armada Center Road – Romeo Plank Road to Bridge West of McFadden Road
  • Armada Ridge Road – Omo Road to 1 Mile East
  • Bridgeview Street – South River Road to 1,600 Feet North
  • Callens Road – Sass Road to Kelly Road
  • Clinton River Road – 17 Mile Road to Romeo Plank Road
  • Country Club Drive – Luchtman Road West
  • Creekside Drive – Sass Road to West
  • Dove Lane – Cotton Road to Robin Drive
  • Fairchild Road – 23 Mile Road North
  • Garfield Road – 15 Mile Road to 16 Mile Road
  • Jefferson Avenue – 16 Mile Road to Bridge South of Sunnybrook Street
  • Nicholas Drive – North of 26 Mile Road
  • North Avenue – 1,600 Feet North of 30 Mile Road to 32 Mile Road
  • North Avenue – South of 23 Mile Road to Property 3,300 Feet South
  • Partridge Creek Boulevard – Romeo Plank Road to M-59
  • Van Dyke Avenue – Messmore Road to 23 Mile Road
  • Vesper Drive – South of 23 Mile Road West of Card Road
  • Water Way Boulevard – North of 25 Mile Road
  • West Utica Road – Ryan Road to Mound Road
  • Westbound 16 Mile Road – Plumbrook Bridge to Schoenherr Road

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