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Department of Roads

Traffic Department

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The Mission of the MCDR Traffic Department is “to provide traffic engineering expertise and leadership for providing safe and efficient transportation in Macomb County”. The Department is supervised by John Abraham, Director of Traffic & Operations. One of the primary responsibilities for the Department of Roads Traffic Department is to oversee the installation and maintenance of all traffic control devices in Macomb County. Traffic control devices include traffic signs, traffic signals and pavement markings. The Traffic Department performs traffic studies covering a wide range of issues from installation of stop signs, speed limits and parking restrictions to the installation of traffic signals. The purpose of Traffic Control Devices is to promote highway safety and efficiency by providing for the orderly movement of all road users on streets and highways in the County. All traffic control devices are installed after careful engineering study using the State approved “Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices”.
Traffic works closely with the Engineering Department to ensure that new roadways are built with roadway safety in mind using appropriate curvature and lane configurations.

Sign Department

The Sign Department works under the direction of our Traffic Department installing and maintaining all the traffic control signs, guardrail installation and pavement markings. The Sign Department paints all of the roads maintained by the Department of Roads. Currently, the Sign Department maintains approximately 60,000 traffic control signs. When critical signs (such as stop signs) are knocked down, the Sign Department's emergency crews are dispatched to re-install the sign immediately. To report a down or damaged sign, contact (586) 463-8671, 24-hours a day.

Signal Department

The Signal Department is also under the direction of the Traffic Department and maintains all of the approximately 1,000 electrical traffic control devices in the county. We currently maintain all of the traffic signals in Macomb County, including all of those that are located on City and Michigan Department of Transportation roads.

To report problems with a traffic signal, contact (586) 463-8671, 24-hours a day. The Signal Department routinely changes all of the light bulbs in every traffic signal once a year to prevent bulbs from burning out unexpectedly. We also perform routine maintenance and operation checks at each intersection to ensure that all of the equipment is operating properly.

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