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Department of Roads

Traffic Operations Center (TOC)

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Under the direction of the Macomb County Traffic Department, the TOC serves as the hub of activity for operation, maintenance and monitoring of the various countywide deployments of advanced traffic signal systems, cameras and overall Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) communications network. This includes, but is not limited to, real time traffic operations monitoring (unplanned and planned events), traffic flow, signal operations and special event coordination. The Macomb County Department of Roads Traffic Operations Center’s mission is to provide and maintain a reliable real-time traffic operations system which is operated from a joint facility in coordination with stakeholders to deliver a safe, efficient, and informative traveling experience to the public. The monthly performance measures reports provide meaningful statistics that show activity and progress of the TOC relating to traffic operations, Intelligent Transportation Systems device maintenance, information technology, traveler experience, and camera coverage. The monthly executive summary reports demonstrate specific TOC goals and the TOC’s performance related to those goals. Click on the applicable month link under each heading to view the corresponding report.

Collaborative Teamwork

To achieve the mission referenced above, the three groups of the TOC: Operations Technicians, Traffic Operations Engineer and IT/ITS Technicians, work together. The three groups communicate efficiently and effectively to accomplish the goals of the Macomb County Department of Roads. The three groups are defined in more detail below.

Operations Technician

The control room operations technicians’ main focus is customer service: the technicians take calls from motorists reporting signal or congestion concerns. The operations technicians will then disseminate the request to the appropriate group for timely resolution. The technicians also maintain telephone communications with first responders, field technicians, 911 Operators and public service agencies. Once assessment is complete, the operations technicians determine the facts and severity of traffic incidents and prepare the information for dissemination to internal stakeholders and to the motoring public. Operation technicians also provide information to stakeholders related to current travel conditions as well as maintain traffic interruption reports and manage incidents on the roadways within Macomb County from the control room using traffic cameras to monitor major portions of Macomb County’s surface transportation network.

Traffic Operations Engineer

The traffic operations engineers primary task generally includes operational oversight of the traffic signal system zones under their purview. This task specifically includes developing, fine-tuning, and implementing traffic signal timings based on identifying operational trouble areas within the system from motorists’ complaints or through other proactive approaches. In addition to maintaining the system, traffic operations engineers also perform operational and safety studies to develop recommendations for team leaders and Macomb County Department of Roads Traffic Department personnel for further consideration to improve the system as a whole.

IT/ITS Technician

The information technology/intelligent transportation systems (IT/ITS) technicians are responsible for monitoring, researching, planning, installing, maintaining, repairing, upgrading, modifying and testing the MCDR TOC technology infrastructure network.Technicians are also responsible for identifying, researching, evaluating and recommending new products and technologies. The IT/ITS technicians work with the Macomb County Department of Roads’ electricians to align and optimize radio communications in various environments for connection quality, signal strength and throughput over various distances and lines of sight. The primary goal for the IT/ITS technicians is to provide the tools to assist the operations technicians and traffic operations engineers in optimizing the TOC.

View the TOC's Monthly Performance Measures, Executive Summary and Annual Report at the following link: TOC's Annual/Monthly/Executive summary Metrics Reports

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