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Department of Roads


Residential Approach & Landscaping: Macomb County Department of Roads must be contacted to determine the diameter of the culvert. Minimum length is 24 feet. End sections are required. Culvert shall be either reinforced concrete or approved corrugated steel. Landscape culvert does not have to be reinforced. PLASTIC PIPE IS NOT ALLOWED. Catch basin locations will also be determined by the Macomb County Department of Roads. Permit fees are attached.

Commercial and Utility Construction: Four (4) copies of the signed and sealed engineering site plan must be submitted to the Macomb County Department of Roads for approval. Cash advance amounts are determined when the plan is approved. A review fee of $300.00 for Commercial & $100 for Utility companies shall be paid when the plan is submitted. Permit fees are attached.

Inspection Fees: Field inspection fees are $70.00 per hour for regular time, and $90.00 per hour for overtime Monday through Friday. Holidays and all other hours shall be considered overtime.

Inspection Notification: A twenty-four (24) hour notice is required for field inspection, prior to the start of construction within the right-of-way. Failure to do so will result in an additional charge of four (4) hours of regular time.

Insurance Requirements: The Certificate of Insurance must list the Macomb County Department of Roads as the "Certificate Holder" and "Additional Insured" and is required prior to the issuance of any Residential/Commercial/Industrial Construction and Special Move (Cab Card) permit. The Certificate of Insurance must accompany the permit application and shall remain in effect at all times during the construction process and during special moves. Failure to do so will result in the invalidation of issued permit.

Please click on the Permit Insurance Requirements link for the required Insurance Coverage Amounts.

NOTE: All Permits will expire one year from the date of issuance. Renewal may be obtained for an additional year upon payment of the permit fee. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the cash advance accompanying the permit. Fees are subject to change according to the Macomb County Department of Roads policy.


Approach Permit Fee

  • Residential Each lot $ 35.00*
  • Commercial Each lot $ 250.00*

Ditch Enclosures

  • Residential Each lot $ 35.00*
  • Commercial Each lot $ 250.00* & Inspection

Construction within The Right-of-Way

  • Overhead Installations $ 250.00 & Inspection
  • Underground Installations $ 250.00 & Inspection
  • Annual Maintenance Municipality $ No Charge
  • Annual Maintenance Privately Owned $ 450.00 & Inspection (Includes Service Line)
  • Residential Storm Taps (Rear Yard Drains) $ 35.00* & Tap Fee (Inspection Fee when Crossing Road)
  • Tree Trimming or Removal $ No Charge
  • Surveying in the Right-of-Way $ 75.00

Site Plan Review Fee

  • Commercial Permits $ 300.00
  • Utility Permits $ 100.00
  • Churches, Municipalities, Schools $ No Charge

Special Uses

  • Banners, Parades, Adopt-a-Road $ No Charge
  • Storm Tap Fee $125.00
  • Seismic Testing $ 250.00 & Inspection
  • Road Bond Fee $ 250.00*
  • Monitoring Wells $ 250.00*


  • Annual Cab Card Permit $ 100.00
  • Single Move $ 25.00
  • 30 Day Permit $ 100.00
  • Building Moves: Each Building or Part $ 200.00
  • Building Moves not Exceeding one of the Following: 14' Wide, 14' High, 75' Length $ 25.00

Inspection Fee

  • $ 70.00 per hour Regular time
  • $ 90.00 per hour Overtime

Special Move (Cab Card) Permits

  • The effective date of the "CAB CARD PERMIT" is from May 1st to April 30th.
  • Permit fee: EACH UNIT $ 100.00
  • Example: Mobile Crane, Lowboy, Overlength or Overwidth Trailers, Earthmovers & Pole Trailers

Permit fees are to be paid when the original application for the permit is filed.

NOTE: Permits will not be issued for oversize or overweight vehicles or loads which can be readily dismantled, reduced or otherwise re-arranged to come within legal limits, or, loads that exceed 12'6" in width, 14' in height, 75' in length, or exceed a gross weight of 140,000 lbs.

PLEASE NOTE: Cab Cards will be issued to the Tractor with interchangeable Trailers.

* Deposit is also required.

** Fees are subject to change according to Macomb County Department of Roads policy.