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Department of Roads


Hours of Operation: 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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Leo Ciavatta serves as the Maintenance Superintendent and manages all road maintenance activities by planning, developing and implementing road maintenance programs.
Leo oversees four maintenance service centers located in Washington Township, New Haven, Clinton Township, and Shelby Township. The service center employees are responsible for patching, grading, mowing, brining and various other types of maintenance.
Along with these activities, the Maintenance Department is also responsible for all snow and ice removal operations through out the entire county. This is done on a priority basis with state roads then county roads and finally local roads (subdivisions) being salted and plowed as needed. Our goal is to keep our roads as safe as possible, but this can only be done with the motoring public's full cooperation.


Service Requests:

Click here to submit a service request for road maintenance. Service requests for road maintenance are generated at the request of residents and policing agencies throughout the County. A request for road maintenance can be submitted by clicking on the link above or calling our Maintenance Department at 586-463-8671. Service requests are forwarded to the appropriate Service Center (Washington Township, New Haven, Clinton Township, and Shelby Township) so that a crew may be dispatched to correct the problem.


Winter Maintenance:


In the winter months snow removal is on a priority basis. All state and primary roads must be clear and safe for the motoring public before the Department of Roads can begin snow removal on local and subdivision roads. As an alternative, some subdivisions have hired private contractors through their homeowners association to expedite snow removal. Please remember that the Department of Roads does not receive any funding from local property taxes for road maintenance, and that the amount of your property taxes does not affect the plowing and salting schedules.

Pothole Repair:

The Department of Roads repairs potholes year-round. Spring is our prime season for potholes because the winter thaw takes effect. If a motorist sees a potentially dangerous pothole, please contact the Department of Roads or your local police department or click on the link above to submit a service request. Click on the link below for more information on potholes.
Pothole Brochure

Gravel Roads:

The Department of Roads maintains approximately 380 miles of gravel roads throughout Macomb County. Gravel roads are graded on an as-needed, weather-permitting basis. Our brine program usually begins in May and ends in September. This is a joint effort on the part of the Department of Roads and the Townships to control dust problems.

Litter Pick-Up:

The Department of Roads occasionally (as schedule permits) sends out crews to pick up heavily littered areas. For information on the Adopt-A-County-Road program, click here
Adopt-a-County-Road Information

Tree Removal:

The Department of Roads hires contractors to remove dead or diseased trees in the county right-of-way that pose a threat to the motoring public. MCDR personnel also removes trees on an emergency basis.


This is seasonal maintenance and is done on an as-needed, schedule-permitting basis.


General Safety:

If you see a road crew working, we ask the motoring public to slow your speed and merge to the next lane, if safely possible. Road workers' give 'em a brake!

Training Opportunities:

* Training opportunities will be posted below when available
(Click on the link for more information).
Defensive Driving Training