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Department of Roads


The Macomb County Department of Roads (MCDR) is the road agency in Macomb County.  MCDR maintains more than 1,700 miles of road with over 900 traffic signals and 60,000 signs.

Our Mission Statement:

The Macomb County Department of Roads is dedicated to providing the public with a quality county road system, with a focus on safety and convenience for motorists and the community, environmental responsibility, and financial accountability. 

Our Vision Statement:

The Macomb County Department of Roads is committed to improving Macomb County's road and bridge system by effectively delivering quality road and bridge products, services and information.




Our History:

The creation of the County road system dates back to 1893. It was established by a vote of the people in each county. A two-thirds vote of the Board of Supervisors placed the issue on the ballot and by 1905, 18 counties had established a system. In 1909, Act 283 required the Board of Supervisors to place the question on the ballot when 10 freeholders (land owners) in every township submitted a petition.

Within 15 years, all counties had voted for a county system. So, for over 93 years, county road agencies have been in existence. County road agencies are responsible for the public road system (except State highways) outside incorporated cities and villages. In many counties, including Macomb, certain primary roads in cities are under County jurisdiction. These important roads are continuous throughout a County and are usually made contiguous with adjoining counties. Examples of such roads are Metropolitan Parkway (Big Beaver Road in Oakland County) and 14 Mile Road. The Macomb County Department of Roads' primary source of funding is the Michigan Transportation Fund. This fund is supported by the state fuel tax and vehicle registration fees. MCDR's allocation is based on a formula, which includes factors such as population, miles of certified road and vehicle registration fees.

In addition to the Michigan Transportation Funds, MCDR receives Federal and State grants for specific construction projects and often contracts with townships and cities in Macomb County on road projects. The Macomb County Department of Roads also has a contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation to maintain Macomb County's State trunklines. Macomb County's network of roads and bridges continues to be the basic building block for our success as a community. Macomb County's economic health depends on a system of transportation that serves every aspect of our community's needs. It assures jobs, business activity, education and an opportunity to improve the quality of life for all of our citizens. MCDR is pledged to continuing success and through progress in transportation, provide a safe, convenient and economically beneficial system of transportation throughout Macomb County.